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I am a 25 years old straight single man living in Champaign, Illinois

Good things comes to those who wait

im Drew i just moved back to illinois to help my family out a bit. when i save up enough i plan on going to college for a degree in criminal justice. i aspire to be a cop maybe one day swat. i was in the service for 5 years and now that i've been out a bit i've let myself go a bit hair beard and belly but i am working out and this belly will be fixed but maybe not so much for the hair and beard. i get called a pussy all the time cuz i want to be in a relationship instead of being that guy thats gone and done the entire neighborhood. i want someone i can call babe or baby someone to kiss snuggle up and watch a movie with take out to dinner and to joke around with, to go to bed with and know ill see them later on in the day. i want a serious relationship maybe not an i love you relationship but deffinately a serious and exclusive one. thats right im a panzy.

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