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I am a 38 years old straight single woman living in Palm Bay, Florida

Always smile

im an honest down to earth person. if you want an honest answer ill give it to you.if u want trust i got that too. if yr not any of these things plzzzz move on. i dont have the time for those that arnt honest & trust worthy. times too short for that bs.ok so i have a few extra pounds it says. but at least im workin on it. n if you dont talk to me now cuz of it. well so be it. cuz sooner than later itll be gone. n if u didnt wanna talk to me now. well im not goin to talk to u later lol. dont judge a book by its cover. cuz itll change. but guys that dont want a chick that has weight. well then i didnt want u to begin with lol. some think that people that has extra wieght sits around all day n eats. well thats not the case here. so those of u can move on that cant handle that lol. ive had relationships with all kinds of guys. drop dead gorgeous guys n guys that some would say ugly. it dont matter. if u want a trophy well gimme some time. youll have that n more. yes i once had a bangin ass body. as people have said to me. n one day soon ill have it again.if yr just lookin to get layed. well u can move on too lol. dont get me wrong its great n all. & yes i love it very much. but lets face it. were all here to meet that one. to laugh & have fun with. isnt that what lifes all about pretty much? n then well....sex will come lol.i like to do all kinds of things. such as goin to the beach, watchin movies,playin games,boat rides,goin to the zoo, camping,snugglin on the couch or in bed,ect. i love all kinds of music except heavy metal & polka lol. country music is my fav. but ill listen to it all. noone says two people have to like the same music lol.im fun lovin n yes sarcastic. but not mean about it. just like to joke around n smile n laugh. n if yr the same. well we will get along great.fun is what u make it.i am not the normal female. so dont classify me as that. if u have a lot of girl friends great. i got alot of guy friends. u wanna go hang out wi

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