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I am a 32 years old straight single woman living in Lake Worth, Florida

I am who i am!!

Well, I am a single mother of two. I have been single for about two years and I am ready to meet someone and settle down. I am tired of dating... I graduated from FAU with a degree in special education in May 2010, and am making plans to continue to grad school to become a speech pathologist. I am currently a high school teacher. I work with kids who are considered at-risk and who have emotional and behavioral issues. I love my job; especially since I Know where the kids are coming from. I dropped out of high school and then went back to school after giving birth to my first son. Now, I hold a bachelor's degree and have started working on the pre-requisites for my Master's degree. I love watching people change their lives and I know I was called to this field. I can't wait until I start my job at my new school, where FINALLY, I will feel as though I can grow as a teacher! There is nothing quite like having competent and honest people around you as collegues and I cannot wait until next school year! :) (I know, I know, I ramble sometimes. )Anyway, I am looking for a counterpart...a help mate... someone who will stay and weather these storms with me and then celebrate the silver linings that come after them. I am a bit silly sometimes, and then there are days when I am stressed. In either occaision, being in love makes things so much better... :)I would like a down to earth person who isn't afraid to let their guard down and who is ready to be with one person. I am tired of the cheaters and liars... I just want someone real. Maybe someone as naiive as me who still believes in happily ever afters. Is he still out there? I sure do hope so.

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