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I am a 52 years old straight single woman living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

just bein me

I am a girl that loves to get her nails done and wear makeup, however, at times, I am also one of the boys. I love football; Win, lose or Tie, Raider Nation Till I Die! I also love to watch NASCAR and SuperCross. I'm the girl in the living room watching sports with the guys, while the other girls are in the kitchen swapping recipies. I graduated from UCLA, I was born a Brun, I live a Bruin and I will die a Bruin. I love watching my Bruins play football and basketball. Don't get me wrong though, I still like to be treated like a lady. I love people that get it, and if you don't get what I mean, I'm thinking you don't get it. I have a wonderful sense of humor and love being with people that also have a sense of humor. I like to go to karaoke (I told you I have a sense of humor) and I enjoy getting together with friends. I used to be a DJ at a country station but I love all kinds of music, it just depends on my mood as to what I am listening to at the moment. I have been to over 200 concerts, ranging from The Roling Stones, To Korn, to Mariah Carey. I used to travel a lot, I have been to nine countries, but still haven't seen all of this country. I treat the guy that I am with like a King, but in return, I should be treated like a Queen. I an willing to learn new hobbies and interests. I date younger guys and older guys. I'm quick witted and you need to keep up with me all the way, not just half way, cause I'm not looking for a half wit.

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