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There was a time when I felt hopeless about love and when every girl does not have that much appeal in me. I lost my interest in love and in life after my divorced but I am thankful to my best buddy for pushing me so hard to live my life again. He was even the one who created my account here at I was hesitant to try to hook up again but then I came across this one amazing woman that I could not resist. For the first time after so many years, I felt that I was loved again and I feel the same feeling I had before when I married my first wife. The feeling of wanting to see the future with her is haunting me. I want to put an end to it because this weekend, I am planning to propose. For those unbelievers of love and SEX on the first date, love will really happen because it happened in me. - MrClean
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I like women and I am an admirer of SEX! gave me the chance to enjoy the two things that I love aside from going to the gym. I still have not met my very first hookup but I am making great progress. Maybe I'm just picky but I know what I want and I don't mind waiting it out to really find what I'm looking for. - TheBodyBuildingAddict
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Women mean one thing to me, SEX! I registered at because the name of the website appears that I can do casual dating and hookup anytime I want. That was how I am doing things in the beginning but after the last woman I've dated, my belief changed and I suddenly wanted to become a husband and a father. If I am under a spell right now, I wish that the spell will remain in me forever! - LongHairDo

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A woman looking for love is less likely to approach a man because most of the time, a woman feels that the guy is hoping for the conversation to end up in bed. If bed is a guy thing, a conversation is a woman's thing. One really good thing about a dating website like is that it allows the conversation to take place before the hookup begins. There's no need to feel awkward and to think ahead because you can control where you are going. You can spend all the time you want talking, laughing and enjoying a really good connection. But what comes after that will be up to you. Do things your way and take all the time you need or start hooking up this weekend. Your privacy is important to us, so whatever you choose, is up to you!

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